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Analysis of Textbook Characteristics Realized in "World History: the Human Experience"  / Saud Nasser A. Al-Kathiri

The goal of this study was to give a clear view about the general characteristics of textbook implemented in the "World History" textbook that can be also implemented in all textbooks regardless the subject matters. The study used the content analysis technique as a research method to examine the organization of the textbook, its units, chapters, and sections. The results showed that the textbook has a lot of advantages in terms of its design, organization, and use of computer technology and Internet. One hundred and eighteen items of the characteristics were utilized in the World History textbook: 41 items were related to textbook design, 22 items were related to units design, 31 items were related to chapters design, and 24 items were related to sections design. The study recommended this textbook as a practical model for designing and developing textbooks.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am