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Analysis of the Scientific Researchers Attentions in the Field of Learning Legal Sciences at King Saud University  / Mohamed M. Salem,Mohamed F. El. Risher

This research is aimed to know the attentions of the scientific researches of master in curriculum specialization of teaching methods of legal sciences whence its classifications of its general fields, and its subjects in every field, and scholastic stages which concerned with it, its methodology, its instrument, so as to develop and guide the direction of the scientific research for the students of higher studies. And the research has come to a group of results and the most important are: - The fields of researches according to the researches concern are regulated as following: curriculum, school books, teaching, a pupil, inspector, a teacher, education evaluation, education activities and finally curriculum. - Researchers concerning with stages of study have come as follows: intermediate, secondary, primary, education colleges and finally colleges and military institutes. And there is no research is done about colleges and technical institutes . - Researchers using curriculum research have come as follows: descriptive curriculum then an experimental curriculum. - No research used the following of the curriculum research: documentary curriculum, field curriculum, comparative cause curriculum, connection curriculum and longitudinal curriculum. - The instruments which have seen used by researchers in preparing their researches concentrated on questionnaire followed by test then the card content analysis. Whereas the researches did not use the instruments of interview and observation.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am