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The Relationship between Psychological Security and Loneliness among College Students  / Fahd  AMUllah Addelaim

The present study aimed at investigating the relationship between psychological security and loneliness among the freshmen students in King Saud University. Also, the study intended to explore the significant differences between male and female students, and between scientific and art departments' students in their feelings of psychological security and loneliness. Two instruments were applied to a sample of 388 students and three statistical analyses were used to test the seven hypotheses. The results showed a significant positive correlationship between psychological security and loneliness. Also, significant differences were found between the students of art colleges and those of scientific colleges in their feelings of psychological security, as well as, the case with the male and female students in their feelings of loneliness. Several recommendations were formulated in light of the discussed results.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am