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qualitative Evaluation styles in teaching Islamic education at secondary stage  / Abdul Rahman Abdullab Mohemmed

This study aims at recognition of the qualitative Evaluation styles in teaching Islamic education at secondary stage. to achieve the study goal and answer its questions , the researcher had practical study which included , A s,  teacher of Islamic education at secondary stage in Holy Makka , they were choosen randomly , using questionnaire which he prepared and affirmed its honesty. The study results recovered that all qualitative Evaluation styles occupied high values in Arithmetic mean responsible managers at home observation for learner , asking responsible mangers about the learners desire on praying , observation of learner conduct inside classroom , making questionnaire for responsible manager about the learner conduct in the Mosque , discussion with responsible manger about learners absence from school individual reading for Holy Quraan is the most important evaluation style. Number of seminar , questions with opened unlimited ends , Looking at teachers registration records are the least important styles of qualitative Evaluation_ The study also recovered that all categories of study aspect agree in their point view about qualitative Evaluation style in teaching Islamic education , and there aren't statistic differs which are related to any variable of study variables. The researcher concluded his study with some suggestion and recommendations.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am