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Ideological  Views in the History of Greek Philosophy  / All M. AL-Dakheel Allah

This research studies the most important beliefs of the Greek philosophers. I classified it into three chapters; The first chapter is about emanation theory, its metaphysical roots and causes of its eVol.ution. I also pointed out its succession and collapse in accordance to the system of sense, mind, nature, and the Holy statute_ In the second chapter, I discussed the issue of the mind, pointing out their extent of exaggeration by believing that god is the mind which can actively create, exist, die and disappear. In addition, I pointed out that neither the sense nor the mind is the single source of knowledge. I indicated in the second section of this chapter what is mind for Muslims, pointing out what it means, its limits, and how knowledge happens, explaining that revelation is the only source of ever lasting knowledge. I also explain in totality the collapse of their words. In the third chapter, I pointed out in totality the most important beliefs of the philosophers; such as atheism, idol worship, and their words that with monotheism together with their beliefs the world age long. In addition, their in The Holy Names and Attributes. I also discussed the philosophers stand regarding the books about angles, fairies, prophets, scriptures, resurrection and fait. In the side columns, I indicated the most Important beliefs of the Muslim philosophers in this regard. This research aims at to reflect the important beliefs of the Greek philosophers, present and paraphrase them in accordance to the understanding of the Sunni and People Sect; because many are not behaving in this way. Some of the results I obtained include: 1. Showing the sources of the emanation theory of metaphysics, its intellectual roots, its succession and collapse in the mind and sense including the statute. 2. The deviation of the Greek's philosophical intellect in understanding the brain, exalting up to superstitious and illusion levels without no logical, sensible or written reference. 3. For their belief in the sense and mind as sources of knowledge, they have to belief in what Prophet Mohammed , SAW,  has brought of the revelation in order to confirm it by mind and sense. 4. The beliefs of the Muslim philosophers in many religious issues is an imitation of the beliefs the Greek philosophers. Their belief in the worship of stars the world age long, and rejection of attributes and awareness of Allah , SWT,  and their rejection of resurrection, are similar things. 5. The Greek philosophers are the most divergent and different nations in their beliefs and intellects. This is an indication of their inconsistency and shake. 6. Their beliefs contradict the mind and common nature as well contradicting the true revelation. 7. They lack a clear or acceptable guidance for the wise for their beliefs, and intellects are non-sensible, non-mindful. They are mere fragile sayings and claims that collapse in non-serious discussions.



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All M. AL-Dakheel Allah
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