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Barriers to Students' Computer Usage: Staff and Students Perceptions  / Lutfi M, El-khatib

The main purpose of this study was to investigate barriers to student computer usage from staff and students perception in Jordanian government secondary school. The sample consisted of , 170,  faculty members and , 209,  students Result indicated that the most barriers which staff face are most represented in the field of machines. The problem here that those machines do not have maintenance for a long time In the field of computer labs, the problem is in not having big screen in order to show what is in the computer screen. As for the students the most important barriers ate also represented by machines and shown by not having earphones and also in the field of software which are do not motivate students_ Both group agreed that all barriers that are mentioned in the questionnaire ate very important, and machines come first of all those barriers_ While students consider software comes as a second battier after machines, staff consider computer labs as a second barrier. Result also indicated that there was significant difference in the barriers that are related to machines; curriculum; software; school environment; and barriers in total in favor of students, and also there was significant differences in the barriers that are related to curriculum, software school environment; and barriers in total in favor of males. There are also significant differences in favor of teachers who have more experience, and there are no significant differences between male and female teacher in scientific level

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Lutfi M, El-khatib
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