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The Efficacy of Performance Evaluation Using the Latency Time: A Time Study  / Ahmed Sayed Mostafa

Several studies focused on the disparity in the efficacy of performance evaluation using the methods linked with the response para , IRT,  and between the contemporary trends in performance evaluation using the latency time for the smart performance. The current study aims to show the efficacy of performance evaluation by using the latency time through a timely study that depend on the perfomance speed, time reaction and attentivity. The study sample comprised form , 146,  students of the second class of college of education, , Geography,  and Natural History,  in Assuit University_ The reaction time system was used for measuring the simple, selective and differential regress time and "Mattis" Scale for the wide range attention for measuring the performance speed in the subject of "indicative statistics" which was displayed by power point program The test was carried out in the psychology laboratory the timely measuring of the performance through different measures. The stepwise method was used to calclatic the multiple doclining to the study variables on , 2x2,  to Find the difference by the valu "T", The study found that there is an indicator to the performance and attention Speed on the latency time and it was on the level 0.01 in the most attentive group and also there were indicative statistical differences at the level 0.01 in the performance speed in the different groups.

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Ahmed Sayed Mostafa
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