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The Use of Word Processor for Teaching Writing to EFL Learners in King Saud. University  / All Farhan AbuSeileek

This study aimed at exploring the effect of using word processor on the development of EFL learners' performance in writing and investigating their attitude towards computer-aided writing. It was conducted at the Department of English Language and Literature, College of Arts, King Saud University during the second semester of the academic year 2004/2005. The sample of the study was divided into two groups: the experimental group which studied writing via word processor in the E-learning Language 1.-aboratory, and the control group which studied the same skill in the traditional method. Several computer-based techniques, methods and activities like checking errors were used to achieve the goal of the study. A test was made to find the effect of the experiment. Moreover, a survey was conducted to investigate the students' attitude towards computer-mediated writing_ The results of the study indicated that the experimental group achieved better results in the writing test than the control group did. The study also revealed that members of the experimental group had a positive attitude towards using computer-based writing. Finally, the study concluded that the use of word processor was a functional method for teaching the skill of writing.

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All Farhan AbuSeileek
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