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Alternative Insurance in place of Commercial Insurance :Applicated Jurisprudent Study on Insurance for Cars.  / Abdullah Mohammad Al- Rohei

This research studies - ii short -the judgement of the commercial insurance in the Islamic law to come to an acceptable view . It also offers substitutions for it These substitutions were met with criticism before . It studies an alternative form for commercial insurance known, in contracts of insurance generally according to legal rules so that a Muslim may be sinless and lighten the weights of installments paid to the companies of commercial insurance. Now, I have found that the alternative form to achieve a Muslim ,s aims is that companies of insurance should have a kind of investment. Those who have insurance can share with their installments and subscribe by the gains to a benefactor box. These gains can compensate for the loss that has occurred to the person .1 have presented a form to be applicated on the insurance for cars that has appeared in the kingdom lately_ I have explained the advantages of the substitutions and compared it with the present type of insurance in the companies of insurance .

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am