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Leadership Style for Kuwait Public School Principals According to Situational Theory  / Jasem M .A1-Hanidan,Khulod Z .AI-Fadli

Leadership style of the principal or headmaster is considered important in the success for the school administration and its ability to achieve intended targets. Therefore, there have been lots of theories interpreting leadership, including situational theory as one of modem theories handling leadership. This research aims at identifying the leadership style common for principals and headmasters in Farwaniya Education Area - the state of Kuwait, according to this theory as well as shedding the light on the influence of gender, experience and studying stage in the leadership style. An instrument for "describing the effectiveness and adjusting the leader", Hershy&Belanshred , was used in the research for a school community consisting of 84 principal. The study found that the applied leadership styles are convergent and almost similar except from the style of participation, which appears at a rate of 34.5% then the informing , 23.8%,  and finally the empowerment , 21.4%. It displayed that no statistically significant differences was observed for the variables of the study , gender, experience and studying,  regarding the influence on leadership style. The study concluded certain proposals and suggestions; including supporting participation style for school principals and headmasters, the importance of the inVol.vement of the educational leadership specialists in the process of setting programs of preparation and qualification of school principals, and the importance of encouraging principals' participation through granting them encouragement rewards.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am