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Silence in Beckett's Waiting for Godot: An Islamic Perspective  / Hahan Y. AbdullJabbar

The sense of exile, isolation and negligence, which governs most of Beckett's plays, and leads his characters to melancholy and depression, is due to a particular philosophy of uncertainty accepted by the writers of The Theater of the Absurd' who lay bare the truth of the western society without attempting to suggest any solutions to their society's problems. This paper attempts to shed light on this philosophy as shown in Beckett's Waiting for Godot by attempting to answer the following questions: - What is the philosophy behind silence in Beckett's play? - What is the relation between silence in the play and the role of literature in 'the Theater of the Absurd'? Is there anything like literature of silence in Islam? How is this silence related to the role of literature in Islam? This would be achieved by tracing silence in the play and showing the philosophy behind this silence, the meaning of life and the role of literature in Beckett's point of view. A comparison and contrast of the philosophy behind silence in Beckett's play and the philosophy of silence in Islam would be asserted. Consequently, the role of literature as shown in Beckett's play and the role of literature in Islam would also be compared and contrasted. It is hoped that this study would lead Muslim students to be aware of the fact that reading and enjoying English literature should not lead us to take whatever we mad for granted. Muslim readers, it is hoped, would, thus, be encouraged to discuss and judge what they read in the light of Islam. Muslim readers, one believes, should not be intimidated to express their own points of view, for it is our reaction as readers that counts, our sympathy might strengthen or weaken a work, our duty is to find whether the authors' accounts are credible or incredible, their opinions wise or foolish, their judgments just or unjust. As for non-Muslim readers, it is hoped that this paper would give a clear vision of the meaning of life, and the role of literature in Islam.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am