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Developing a scale for metacognitive Skills among University Students  / Aslan Al- Massed

The Study aimed at developing a scale for metacognitive skills. Thirty five items were written. For the purpose of modifying the language of the itmes, the scale was administered to a pilot study consisted of , 120,  of University students. The modified scale was administered to the main study sample, which consisted of , 225,  male and female University students in order to validate the scale. The final scale consisted of , 30,  items of four alternatives multiple choices covering the following basic metacognitive skills: Planning, monitoring, strategy knowledge, Elaboration strategies, conditional knowledge and rehearsal. The internal consistency coefficients for the subscales varied from , 0.89,  to , 0.71, . The study results revealed statistical significance , P< 0.01,  between the performance of the study subjects according to their educational level, which indicates the scale is able to discriminate between the level of the subjects metacognitive skills. In light of the study results, the scale has the psychometric characteristics, which are sufficient to be used for the metacognitive skills for University Students

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am