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The Effect of Using a Metcognitive Teaching Strategy in University students' Achievement and Developing Their Critical Thinking Skills.  / Ahmed FAI-Alwan

This study aimed at investigating the effect of using a metacognitive teaching strategy in University students' achievement and developing their critical thinking skills, compared with the traditional method of teaching. The sample of the study consisted of ,  120,  male and female students from the cognitive children development course in AHU. The classes in this sample were randomly divided into two groups : One is experimental and the other is controlled. The experimental group was taught the course by using a metacognitive teaching strategy, while the controlled group was taught the same course by using the traditional method. ,  Watson — Glaser ,  for critical thinking lest and the achievement test Prepared by the researcher were applied pre and post the experiment. The researcher used means, standard deviations, and t-test available in ,  SPSS ,  software. Results revealed that there were significant statistically differences between the experimental and control groups in the post — test due to teaching method in favor of the experimental group who taught by using metacognitive strategy on achievement and developing critical thinking skills.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am