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The Effect of Reflective Writing Training On Developing Reflective Thinking Among A sample of Early Childhood Education Program Students at Al-Hussien Bin Talal University / Muwafaq Saleem Bsharah

This study aimed at investigating the effect of reflective writing training on developing reflective thinking among a sample ofchildhood students at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. The sample of the study consisted of, 112,  students assigned in two groups , anexperimental , 59,  students , and a control group , 53,  students- pre and  posttest of reflective thinking was used. Results ofthe study showed asignificant effect of training , reflective writing,  on developing reflective thinking favor of the students who already taught reflective writingthe results of this study were discussed in light of pervious and theoretical literature. The suitable recommendations and conclusions weregiven.



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am