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The Validity of Students' Ratings of College Teaching Effectiveness / Abdelhafez Q. Al-Shayeb

The study aimed at determining the validity of students' ratings of college teaching effectiveness in Al al-Bayt university inJordan through Specifying and estimating the parameters of a two-factor confirmatory factor model which includes three first-order factorsreflect the teaching effectiveness components , i.e., instruction organization and teaching techniques. communication with students, andevaluation of students,  as measured by the teaching effectiveness instrument being used in the university, and one scoond-order factor , i.e.,lecturer's charismlas measured by one item added to the instrument. Data for this study were collected from , 1217,  male and femaleundergraduate college students as they evaluated teaching effectiveness of , 13} instructors in the second semester of 2005/2006 academicyear. The results revealed an acceptable model fit to the data. However, the charisma factor explained 74%, 6 l%, and 41% of the variationin the three aforementioned components of teaching effectiveness instrument respectively. The findings suggest that students' ratings ofteaching effectiveness do not reflect actual teaching effectiveness. It is argued that a central factor "charisma" exists and influences thestudents’ ratings.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am