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The extent of female teachers’ abidance of education profession ethics in both Intermediate and secondary public education schools in Riyadh city / Monira E. Alabdulaziz

This study intended to know the ethics of education profession as it provides in some of the literature and studying the extent ofboth intennediate and secondary female teachers’ abidancc in public education schools in Riyadh city by education profession ethics fromschool principals & female teachers perspective and to lmaw any statistical differences - if any - between school principals and femaleteachers‘ perspectives towards the extent of female teachers abidancc by the ethics of education profession attributed to some variables.Survey descriptive methodOIOgy was used to conduct the study. Study sample consisted of 263 female principals and teachers selectedrandomly. The researcher has designed a questionnaire to collect data solidity and constancy of which 'oerc verified and constancycoefficient was reached , 0.97, . The study has shown that there. are statistical differences between principals and teachers‘ perspectives aboutthe extent of female teachers‘ abidance by profession ethics in relation to the four fields collectively. Also.the study


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Monira E. Alabdulaziz
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