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Knowledge. Skills and Trends the Higher Education needs / Badr J.B. Alotaibi

The main objective of this study is to try to identity the knowledge. the skills and the trends requirements must be available in aSecondar,  Stage graduate. so that he can complete higher education. To achieve this objectixe.the Study followed the analytical descriptivemethodology. The Student Inducted those requirements through reading many studies. reports and doc uments-Besides the explaining the terminologies and presentation ofthe previous related studies. the Study comprised the lotion ing three axels;The knowledge, skill and value required for the Secondary Stage {ST} graduate to continue his higher education.The gap between the knowledge, skill and talue preparation of the ST graduates and the higher education requirements.The methods of titling the gap between the St graduate preparation process and the higher education requirements.The Stud, r concluded to the diagnosis of the dimensions ot‘this gap between the ST graduates preparation process and the higher educationrequirements. it recommended the necessity to open communication channels between those too educational stages. It also proposed aproxiew of how to establish a participation between them to till that gap and to make the ST graduate continue his higher educationsuccessfully, which reduces the loss in higher education.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am