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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 23, No. 3, 2011

The Role of Society Organizations in Continuing Distance Education / Khalili rahim alsaadat

The purpose of the study was to know the role of society organizations in continuing distance education from the point of view of the trainees at the training center at the ministry of education in Dammam city in Saudi Arabia. The sample of the study was 118 trainees. The result of the study showed that the trainees see that society organizations use distance technology and tools to educate their employees in different aspects. and they value continuing distance education . and that society organizations try to train their employees continually through continuing distance education. and these organizations encourage their employees to be educated through continuing distance education. The result of the study also showed that there were no significant difierences in trainees responses due to age. type of job and experience. and there was significant difierences due to previous training seminars in favor of trainees who had one training seminar only.


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