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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 2, No. 2, 1990

Effect of Language Laboratory on Teaching Recitation of Quran: An Experimental Study / Abdul-Rahman S. Abdullah, Fathi H. Malkawi

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the language laboratory on learning the recitation of the Holy Quran as compared with that acquired in the normal classroom. The study was carried out in two sections of the second preparatory class at the Model School of Yarmouk University. Each sections was divided into two groups, experimental and control. Two sums of the Holy Quran were taught to both groups during one period a week for eight weeks. A jury of three members analyzed the recitation of the students. Two - Way ANCOVA was applied to test the significance of differences between the experimental and control groups on the recitation of selected verses of the Quran from a sura which was taugtht (T1) and other verses from a sum which was not taught (T2). The results showed that the language laboratory has a significant effect on learning recitation when the' recitation was examined for (T1). These differences were found specifically in qalqala. idgham and ikhfa. When the recitation was examined in (T2)  no differences were found. The researchers recommended further research to be carried out to explore the effect of (LL) in other situtations where the period of the teaching the personality of the teacher and the classroom climate might be determinant factors.

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