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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 2, No. 2, 1990

Islamic Interior Pot’s Neck Decoration and Its Educational Value for Art Students / Abdul-Hamed Al-Dawakhli

The philosophy of Islamic art - be it fine or applied - has always taken into consideration the functions of utility besides the aesthetic ones. Aesthetic values have never been the sole aim of this art. At the same time the smallest artifacts were carefully decorated even if they were not to be used so often. The interior pot 's neck decoration illustrates this fact. This decoration is found only in Egypt. The Muslim Egyptian artist invented it and it is placed in the opening between the neck of the pot and the main body. The utilitarian aim of this decoration is to organize the flow of water during drinking. These openings were decorated with numerous designs derived from animals, plants or geometry. Arabic calligraphy was also used and it was in form of proverbs admonishing people and directing them to proper etiquette.  Studying these circular water pots designs could be of great use to the art students who will discover the creative abilities of those artists who created them. They will help in opening new horizons for the students in exploring new artistic values.

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