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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

Contrast in Art and Nature / Muhyiddin Syed Ahmad Tarabeh

Nature is full of differences: these differences cover all the components of nature including things we see. smell or touch. The differences in our life give us a taste of contrast of things we live with. The contrast is an important element as it helps us to fulfill the process of living, and this by itself helps the human being to behave sanely and to adapt himself easily in any circumstances. 
Art can be seen everywhere by everyone, and to taste and understand it, contrast should be part of it. Contrast is a very important element in every art work. The artist is the one who can clear up the con- trast element and make it part of the art. The artist should also try to employ it in his work and at the end he should shape his art work in such a way that contrast is evident and could easily be noticed by anyone looking at that art work.


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