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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

The Star-Shape Element in Islamic Art / Abdul Fattah Ahmed Abdul Lattef

The Islamic faith has been the main source of inspiration for all the Muslim artists. This faith has influenced all their work of art. The aim of the Muslim artist is to strengthen his relationship with his Creator through his aesthetic activities. Islamic art is so diverse that it covers all the aspects of life; particu- larly architecture with its numerous elements and components. 
The star-shaped decorative units have an important role in decorating and beautifying things like mosques , the places of worshipping Allah,  and their minbars, tombs and roofs. The decoration could also be evidenced in the embroideries of clothes and carpets.
The usage of these star-shaped decorative units could be due to the mention of the star in many verses in the Holy Quran.


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