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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

Early Retirement of Female Kuwaiti Teachers: A Field Study / Zeinabl Ali AI-Jaber, Dalal Al-Hadhod

This study aimed at pointing out the phenomenon of Kuwaiti female teacher - retirement and the factors underlying their decision to retire. The steps of the study included a theoretical framework related to the subject, as well as a field study on a sample of 89 female Kuwaiti retired teachers. A questionnaire was used to find out the reasons behind female teacher - retirement, and it consisted of two parts: the first part included eight variables related to the personal aspects of Kuwaiti teachers, and the second part included twenty-three items covering the socio-economic and administrative vocational aspects. Analysis of mean-scores and percentages was used in the study. The results were explained and recommendations were made to help reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon.


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