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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 2, 1991

Agricultural Clubs in Saudi Arabia as an Out-of School Educational Activity in Agriculture / Mohammed S. Al-Shenaifi

This study was designed essentially to identify Opinions of students and administrators towardsthe establishment of clubs in Saudi Arabia. as an out-of-school educational activity in agriculture, and toassess the aims and purposes of the clubs. in order to achieve these objectives, a group of 233 students andadministrators were personally interviewed by means of a questionnaire especially designed for this study.The results showed that a high percentage (97%) of respondents agreed on establishing clubs in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, a high percentage (72%) of respondents said that clubs in Saudi Arabia should be part of the activities of the department of agriculture extension at the branches of Ministry of Agricultureand Water. Some of the purposes of the clubs were: to change negative attitudes of students towards agriculture (87%), to create more interest in the choice of agricultural occupation (91%), to relate vocational agriculture to academic courses (82%). to create and nurture a love of country life (71%), and tostrengthen the confidence of students of vocational agriculture in themselves and their work (94%). Clubs are very important in agricultural education. because students learn more effectively if they can apply what they are taught.

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