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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 2, 1991

Faculty and Students’ Perceptions of the Role and Problems of Advising at the College of Education, King Saud University / Ali S. AI-Karni

The study identifies the role and problems of academic advising as perceived by faculty advisersand students. To achieve this aim all faculty and a random sample of students were requested to participate in answering a questionnaire which was developed for the study. Means, percentage, rank order,standard deviation, analysis of vairance and T-test were used to analyse the data collected. Resultsrevealed that faculty and students rated the role of advising according to its importance and clarifed itsproblems. A significant difference was found between faculty and students regarding their ratings of therole of academic advising. No significant difference was found between the demographic variables of thefaculty and the advising role, exempt nationality- (Saudi and non-Saudi). A significant difference wasfound between some students‘ demographic variables and the role of advising.


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