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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 2, 1991

Physical Education in the Developmental Secondary School in Saudi Arabia / Abdelwahab M. El-Naggar, Yahya K. Al-Nakeeb

The purpose of this study was to investigate the merits and weakness of physical education (PE) in the developmental secondary school in Saudi Arabia and to propose an integrated program for improving PE in these schools. The study was divided into three parts dealing with the importance of PE by and large, the actual situation of PE in schools, and ways for improving it. In the first part, evidence wasbrought showing the importance of PE in the integrated development of individuals. In the second part,a survey study was conducted on 13 secondary schools that applied the developmental system for a periodof 1-3 years in Riyadh. The study showed that the ratio of the registered PE hours to the total available registered hours was .67% which is lower than the one in the traditional system (33.3%)  that was considered lower than it should be. Also it appeared that there were neither a specified program nor a known evaluation system for PE in the schools, or at least it was unclear and unused by the teachers in the schools.In the third part, an integrated PE program was proposed for improving PE in the developmental secondary schools. This program included purposes, theoretical and practical aspects and activities, methods ofteaching and an evaluating system for PE.

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