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Volume 2, No. 1, 1990

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 2, No. 1, 1990

The old title of the journal "Educational Sciences"


Educational studies

1. The Effective Instructor: Revelations of Educators In-Training / Mahmoud A. Saleh

2. The Evaluation of Students’ Academic Records / J.M. Labani

3. Identification of Elementary Students' Problems by the Application of School Problem Screening Inventory / A.A. Al-Damatty, M. Mahrous, M. Al-Shinnawi

4. Effects of Information in Changing Attitudes toward the Handicapped / Abdul Aziz Elsayed Elshakhs

5. Educational Competencies of Students in Colleges of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Ya‘coub H. Nashwan, Abdulrahman M. Al-Shawan

6. A Model for the Usage of Educational Media / Mohamed Ibn Sulaiman Al-Moshaikeh

7. The Influences of Bilingualism / Mohammad Ali Alkhuli

8. Continuing Education Theory and Practice / Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Al-Shaer

9. How to Motivate Parents of Handicapped Children to Participate in Special Education Programs / Abdelaziz Mustafa Al-Sartawi, Kamal Salem Sesalem

10. The Socio-Cultural and Psychological Problems of Foreign Students in the West / Ibrahim H. Al-Quayid

11. The Utilization of Educational Media in Health Institutes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Abdussalam A. Nakshabandi

12. Studying Abroad and Cross-Cultural Contact / Ibrahim. H. Al-Quayid

13. Planning is a Basic Task of the School Principal / Mohamed Musa Oqeilan

14. Cognitive Learning and Its Effects on Personality Development / Ahmed I. Al-Safadi

15. Library Use Skills of University Students and Their Relationship to Their Academic Achievement / Anmar Kaylani, Omar Hamshari

16. The Use of the Mother Tongue and Translation in Foreign Language Instruction / Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Abdan

17. A Critical Analysis of the Intermediate First Year English Pupil’s Book in Saudi Arabia / Radhi Surur


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