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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 29, No. 1, 2017

The extent of Islamic Education basic stage Textbooks to ensure the developmental listening skills for the activities of Holly Quran / Majdi Suleman Al Mashaleh

The study aimed to determine the degree of Islamic Educational Textbook’s activities for the first three classes that help to
develop listening skills for learning the Quran. And the degree in which activities is distributed in these books. The study included a sample -
taken from the Quran teaching lessons’ in the school textbooks – a study of (62) lesson, representing a total of 32% of full lessons were
adopted. The researcher used the descriptive and analytical approach to answer questions concerning the above study. Finding of this study
showed that the total activities directed to develop listening skills in teaching the Quran lessons has reached (48) activity during the first
three years of schooling. And the Islamic education’s listening skills for the first three grades were arranged as follows: the skill of auditory
differentiation, the skill to follow-up with the speaker, the comprehensive skill of audible and the recitation understanding, the skill of
attentiveness and concentration, the skill of reload the Quran text, this part included the listening skills involved within the units of analysis -
activities - are distributed in a manner which expected to disrupt its balance. In the results of this study and its elements, the researcher
pointed out a set of associated recommendations.

KeyWords: Content analysis, Sub listening skills, learn the Holy Quran, the learning activities.

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