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Challenges faced by teachers of students with ADHD in integrating assistive technology, and teachers' attitudes about it / Abdulkarim Alhossein, and Hanan Abdulaziz Aldawood

(Received 20/04/2017; accepted 03/10/2017)


The purpose of this study is to identify the challenges faced by teachers of students with ADHD in integrating assistive technology and teachers' attitudes about it, so a descriptive approach was used. The study sample consisted of 324 male and female teachers who work in the schools that have programs for students with ADHD in Riyadh city. The results indicated that the major challenges faced by the teachers are: lack of training courses in the field of assistive technology, lack of knowledge about assistive technology, shortage of assistive technology specialists in schools, and the lack of administrative and financial support. There were statistically significant differences at the.05 significance level or less between teachers based on gender, educational level, and years of teaching experience, for female teachers, teachers who with bachelor degree, and teachers with 10 years of teaching experience or more, while there are no statistically significant differences between teachers based on training programs. They also demonstrated that teachers have positive attitudes about integrating assistive technology in teaching students with ADHD. There was a statistically significant negative correlation between challenges that prevent the use of assistive technology and the teachers' attitudes about it.


educational technology, inattention, hyperactivity

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