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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 29, No. 3, 2017

The Use of Transitional Plans in Individualized Educational Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Bashayer Hamoud ALqahtani, and Turki Abdullah S. Alquraini

(Received 19/03/2017; accepted 15/10/2017)


This study aimed to identify the level of using transitional plans in the individualized educational programs (IEPs) for the female students with intellectual disability in the intellectual educational institutes and their affiliated programs in public high schools from the perspective of the teachers and the administrators in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The number of participants that responded to the questionnaires in this study was (204) teachers and administrators. The results of the study showed that the use of transitional plans in the IEPs was relatively average, which indicates that the practice of providing transitional plans within the IEPs to those students still facing some shortages. The results also indicated that there were statistical significance differences among participants due to level of training related to utilization of transition plans in the IEPs. However, other variables including nature of work, years of experience, and scientific qualification had no statistical significance.

Key words

teachers, administrators, high schools. 

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