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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 4, No. 1, 1991

Organic Reaction between Knowledge and Art Education Skills in the Educational Process / Abdel Fattah Ahmed Abdullateef

This study investigates the concept of knowledge that is closely attached to the skills of art edu-cation in the total process of education. The educative process remains incomplete if it neglects the practical side provided by art education and concentrates on the engnitive side alone. The study has covered the following points:
1. Creating the feeling for the need of art and its skills that help develop nations.
2. Teacher's responsibility in developing the cognitive experience and work that covers the skills andattitudes in art education.
3. The impact of both cognition and work on the future of the learner.
4. Some recommendations relating to the organic interaction between knowledge .experience. skills and attitudes to the educative process particularly in basic education


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