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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 5, No. 1, 1993

Education Professionalization Measurement / Mostafa M. Metwally

Debates on classifying work into professions, semi-professions and vocations have stimulated sociologists to define the conditions of professionalization and the characteristics of the typical profession.
This study aims at developing a standard measurement that enables educationists to determine which aspects of education have developed in the direction of professionalization. Therefore, the researcher has consulted the profession literature in general and reviewed the studies of the education profession in particular. in order to formulate such a measurement. It was then tested by some experts in education to determine its logical validity. The consistency coefficient of correlation was calculated to ensure its empir-ical validity. Test and re-test methods were used to ensure the reliability. These calculations proved that“Education Professionalization Measurement" is both valid and reliable.

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