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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 6, No. 1, 1994

New Approaches towards the Development of an Art Education Curriculum in General Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Abdulaziz R. Al-Najada

In this article, the researcher is trying to give an idea of curriculum development in art education by using the new theory of Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE). He also intends to give the historical background of DBAE theory, and explain how this theory has influenced many art educators.
The four components of discipline-based art education, namely art production, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics remined us that learning about art involves a great deal more than looking at pretty pictures or trying to paint them. This approach aims to provide a broad historical and cultural context as well as sound principles and critical standards that could give a richer meaning to art and a discriminating appreciation of it.
Finally, this research has discussed the possibility of adopting the new theory of DBAE. and benefiting from the general framework of curriculum construction for building an art education curriculum that suits our educational goals in Saudi Arabia.

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