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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 7, No. 1, 1995

Prediction Equations for Body Fat Percent: Their Applications to Saudi College Males / Hazzaa M. AI-Hazzaa

High body fat percent is positively associated with a number of chronic health problems and negatively with physical performance. Up to now. no study has examined the body fat percent of Saudi college males. Therefore, measurements of skinfold thicknesses at seven sites were performed on 108 college males, and a number of common prediction equations were applied on the results to obtain body fat percent. Results of skinfold thicknesses (mm) were as follows: chest (6.62), triceps (7.28) , subscapular (9.02) , abdomen (11.49) , suprailiac (7.25). thigh (10.99) and calf (7.23). All of the prediction equations yielded strong correlations with the sum of the seven skin folds. Out of 11 prediction equations only 4 were found reasonably applicable to Saudi college males. The study indicated a need for a specific prediction equation for Saudi college males.

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