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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 8, No. 1, 1996

An Evaluative Study of Parent-Teacher Councils in Male Public Intermediate Schools of al-Madinah al-Munawwarah / Ahmed Ali Ghonaim

The purpose of this study was to identify the positive and negative aspects of current parent-teacher councils as perceived by principals, teachers, and parents and to set procedural recommendations or reforms.
To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was developed and its validity was tested. Meanwhile. the sample of the study consisted of 76 principals and vice-principals. 149 teachers, and 116 parents of students enrolled during A.H. 1414. Collected data were analyzed by statistical procedures including computations of frequency distributions, percentages, (ANOVA) a one-way analysis of variance, and the Scheffe test. 
Major findings of the study were as follows: In terms of participants' viewpoints regarding the performance of the parent-teacher councils. 84.8% indicated that meetings were held in the evening; 55. 7% assured that they were held twice a year, their time was short. and their topics concentrated on student achievement. Also 78.3% of the participants stated that they were held at the specified times; 77. 7% stated that they were informed ahead of time of meetings' dates; and 81.8% of them said the announcements were handed by students to their families. Among respondents, 74.55% clarified that they confirmed with principals, vice-principals. teachers, and student counselors. Finally. 78.9% of the respondents asserted that decisions were reached Consultative. 
Results also showed that there were statistically significant differences at 0.05 level among opinions of principals, teachers, and parents in favor of principals in regard to:
1- Treatment of parents.
2- Follow-up of councils' decisions.
3- The degree to which/councils'. objectives were met.
4- The contributions of councils to students and the community. 
Finally, in the light of the previous findings the researchers cited some recommendations.

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