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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 8, No. 1, 1996

Enrollment Motives in Teacher Training Colleges at Amman and Irbid / Nayfeh Qutami

The objective of the present study is to define the motives of the students enrolled in the Higher College for the Certification of Teachers. and to know whether such motives differ according to the following variables: sex. grade point average. specialization in the college. and academic level of the population of the study which consisted of all the students of the Higher College for the Certification of Teachers in Amman and Irbid.
The independent variables of this study were sex. accumulative average. specialization and student academic level. The dependent variable was presented by the degrees of the students· motives of enrollment in the Higher College for the Certification of Teachers, in their four domains: the achievement motive. the scientific motive. the behavioral motive. and the socio-economic motive.
The sample of the study was chosen randomly. It consisted of 485 male and female students, distributed according to their geographical areas (Amman and Irbid) and according to the study variables. sex, study level, and specialization.
The motives of enrollment in the college were measured by a developed instrument constructed for this purpose and it measured four scopes: achievement scope. scientific scope. behavioral scope. and socio-economic scope. The scale has validity and reliability. 
In answering the questions of the study the arithmetic means of students' performances were calculated by using a questionnaire developed for this purpose. The two-way analysis of variance of the degrees of the four dimensions of the motives of enrollment in the Higher College for the Certification of Teacher, was applied. Also Schafee's test for significances of differences was used.
The results showed a number of dual interactions. i.e .. sex and average, sex and specialization,sex and study level. grade point average and specialization. grade point average and study level and specialization and study level.

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