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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 10, No. 1, 1998

A Critical Study of al-Zahrani's Works on Art Education / Mohamed Abdel Mageed Fadl

This research studies the two books which were written by Ali al-Zahrani and published in 1996. The two books are: "On the History and Theories of Art Education," and "Studies in the Methodology of Art Education." Numerous factors have encouraged the researcher to treat the two books as one unit . Some of these factors are the similarities in form (like the style of writing, the size, the colors. the time of publication). while others are similarities in content, as the two books seem to completely cover the realm of art education particularly in Saudi Arabia . The language of the book was also studied and a few ammendments were made regarding linguistic, grammatical, typographical and transliterated errors. This was done in the hope of introducing the two books in the best form that they deserve, particulary because they are the first books on art education to be written by a Saudi writer.

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