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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 27, No. 3, 2015

Appling Authorities Granted to School principals in male and female school principals in the General Administration of Education and Teaching in Asir / Abdulaziz Saeed Al-Qahtani

This study aims to identify the current situation and the importance of utilizing the granted authority of male and female school principals in the General Administration of Education and Teaching in Asir. It also aims to investigate the difficulties of applying this authority and to identify the different attitudes of the student population towards these principals based on various variables -- gender, level of education and years of teaching experience. A survey was developed by the researcher to collect the data from 324 school principals at the Asir Educational Directorate. The most significant outcome revealed from this study is that the level of applying the principals' authority was 1.77 and the importance of utilizing authority was high (2.33). The overall average of difficulty was 2.33. Results also showed that there was a significant statistical difference between the means of males and females in the estimation of difficulties which prevent utilizing authority granted to school principals which favored females participants. In regards to the years of experience, the study revealed that there were significant statistical differences among the student population in favor of those principals who had experience of more than ten years. Nevertheless, in light of the current study results, suggested recommendations are enhancing the awareness of the importance of utilizing authority, providing the requirements of applying verbal authority, and helping to ease the implementation of this authority.
Key words: delegation- decision making - school management

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