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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 27, No. 3, 2015

Engagement in Learning in light of the different source of Cognitive load& order Cognitive Holding Power& level of Learned Helplessness Among secondary school students / Marwan Ali Alharbi

The study aimed to detect a difference in Engagement in Learning among secondary school students in the light of the difference in each of the source of cognitive load& level of learned helplessness& order Cognitive Holding Power. The study sample included (1382). The study results indicated the presence of significant differences in engaging learning between internal groups of students& Intrinsic/ Extraneous Cognitive Load in the light of the difference in the learner's level of Learned Helplessness& the order Cognitive Holding Power. the study concluded that the cognitive load& level of learned helplessness& the order Cognitive Holding is one of the educational determinants of the degree of involvement of students learning activities within study halls, which requires officials at the educational process need to design outreach programs psychological& educational means to the development& improvement of learning& engaging levels according psychological& educational characteristics outlined by the study.
Keywords: Preoccupation, Attribution, Effort, Differences, Classroom.

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