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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 23, No. 1, 2011

The evaluation of the curritulum supervisors' training pragram conducting in the College of Education, King Saud University / Saud Nasser Al-Kathiri

The goal of this study was to give an evaluation view about a training program for curriculum supervisors which conducting in the College of Education, King Saud University. The study explore trainees perceptions of the program using the competencies which determined by MOE. First. and at the beginning of the program; the supervimrs assessed the competencies in terms of their actual needs, Then. at the end of the program; the supervisors evaluated the program in terms of achieving the competencies. Three groups of supervisors were the sample of the study- The results showed that the need of supen'iSOrs for the competenCIes in general was high. on the other hand; the program achieved the competencies in medium and low levels of quality. That means the proyam focused on the theoretical knowledge of the competenCies more than practicing and applying the competencies. Related recommendations and suggestions were reported.

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