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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 2, No. 2, 1990

Physical Activity Profiles of College Male Subjects / Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa

During recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a tremendous development at an astounding rate. And as industrialization and other aspects of modernization progress, a number of changes in physical exercise and eating patterns are likely to occur. Giving these tendencies, a study has been carried out to assess physical activity profiles of college-male students from King Saud University in Riyadh (N =362).
The results of this study indicated that 54.2% of the sample were engaged in some kinds of physical activities. Out of this percentage, however. only 21.9% were reported to perform their activities regularly. Furthermore. when the frequency and duration of the activity were accounted the percentage of the students who were considered active enough to obtain cardiorespiratory fitness became 15.1%.
In regards to the type of physical activity most often performed, soccer came first with 27.7% and followed by jogging 6’; running (16.8%), walking (16.4%), swimming (8.2%). and weight training (5.7%), respectively. Other activities, nevertheless, were performed less often. The findings of this study were also discussed in relation to the concept of physical fitness. Finally, some comparisons were made with similar existing studies.



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