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تجاوز إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

A Critical Study of “Terminology of Art and Art Education" / Mohammed Abdel Mageed Fadl

This study deals with Dr. A.E. El Shalls' “Terminology of Art and Art Education" published by King Saud University Libraries. Riyadh. It analyzes. criticizes and traces the criteria used in selecting the terms and in translating or transliterating them from English into Arabic. It also studies the validity of the illustrations used. and investigates their ratio to the total number of terms included in the book. Six other dictionaries dealing with the terms of art. art education and crafts were used for comparison. Many alterations were suggested and the readers of the future editions will. hopefully. benefit from them.

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