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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 29, No. 1, 2017

Learning-Oriented Assessment: Concepts, Characteristics, Strategies, Implementation and Challenges / Eqbal Z. Darandari

This research reviews the concepts and the theoretical frameworks for learning-oriented assessment (LOA), related
contemporary studies and research, its use to improve learning, its characteristics, and how to differentiate between it and other types of
assessment such as assessment for learning. Besides, it discusses the core components of LOA, related strategies and approaches and their
implementation in classroom to promote student learning by using the methods of peer and self-assessment, effective feedback, regulating
learning, and sharing learning targets and achievement criteria with students. In addition, the research shows how assessment information
and digital tools can be used effectively to monitor student progress and to improve student learning, and discusses possible challenges in a
way that helps accurate implementation and student learning. Finally, this research aims to cover the gap in the theoretical and conceptual
framework in the field LOA. It is also an important addition to help educators and specialists in the use of assessment for this purpose, and in
directing studies and assessment practices more accurately according to its purposes.

Keywords: Assessment for learning, assessment components, assessment strategies, assessment systems.

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