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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

Developing An Arabic Version of Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI) for the Third Secondary Grade Student in Saudi Arabia / Hussein Salem Sharah, Abdulrhman Salem Alshehri

This study aimed at Arabitization, standardizing and investigating the psychometric characteristics of the vocational preferences' inventory (VPI) in the Saudi environment. The sample of the study consisted of (765) which equal (25% of the population), who were chosen by the simple random method, the sample consisted of (360 males and 405 females). The results of the pilot sample showed that the reliability of The (11) patterns of the inventory ranged between (0.64- 0.79) for all sample, and between (0.51-0,78) for males, and between (0,60-084) for females. In addition, the results showed that the reliability for inventory patterns ranged between (0,50 – 0,86) for all sample, and between (0.62-0,87) for males, and between (0,51-0.86) for females. The validity of inventory items were evaluated by using parsons correlation, all correlations were positive and statistically significant. The results of factor analysis of the list indicated that there are (11) factors which had variation (41,43%) and the items were distributed equally on their patterns. Consequently, the performance standards for inventory patterns were calculated.
Key words: Career Counseling, Vocational personality, Meagurment.

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