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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

The Use of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy in the Teaching of Mathematics and its Impact on the Achievement and Mathematical Communication and the Survival of the Impact of Learning for Middle School Students / Samar Abdul-Aziz Al-Shalhoub

The goal of this research is to detect the effects of using a strategy of reciprocal teaching on teaching of mathematics, on the development of mathematical communication, the increase of academic achievement and the durability of the impact of learning in a group of students in eighth grade in Riyadh. The study group was (115) students, and the control group was (128) students. Research tools were a guide for teachers, worksheets for students, pre – and post – study tests of academic achievement and mathematical communication. We have also applied a deferred post – study test for academic achievement. The experimental group studied a unit of «real numbers and the theory of Pythagoras» through the strategy of reciprocal teaching; the control group used the usual methods. The results showed that there is a statistically significant effect of using the strategy of reciprocal teaching on both academic achievement and mathematical communication for average – level students in the experimental group. In addition, the study showed that the impact of learning for students in the experimental group was durable. It also indicated the presence of statistically significant positive correlation between academic achievement and mathematical communication. Finally, we presented a set of recommendations based on results of our experiment.
Key Words: Reciprocal, Achievement, Mathematical Communication, The Impact of Learning.

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