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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

Attitudes and perceptions of graduate students about the applications of wikis in education / Abdullah AbdulAziz Al-Hadlaq

This study aimed to investigate attitudes and perceptions of 20 Masters students (college of Education - University of King Saud) about the applications of wikis in education, through answering the study six questions. The study came up with a number of important results: There are positive students attitudes regarding the use of wiki in education.. Wiki is considered a strong tool in helping the development of collaborative learning environments and constructivism, in accordance with its nature of that supports cooperation. The applications of wikis in education in Arabic language needs to be a lot of development and technical suppor. At the end, this study presented and explained a number of procedures and methods needed for successful learning environment through the wiki. Finally, the study presented a number of recommendations related to its results. The most important recommendation assures the importance of employing wiki in education, and the necessity to follow and apply a number of procedures and methods which contribute to making processes and learning environments for successful and effective wiki applications in education.
Keywords: Wiki, social networks, Web2.0 applications in education, and cooperative leaning.

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