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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

Knowledge Management Reality at King Faisal and Al-Jouf Universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a Field Study / Gharbi Marji Al-Shammari

The study investigates the reality of knowledge management at King Faisal and Al-Jouf universities in the kingdom of Saudi  Arabia via surveying the views of the faculty members by using a questionnaire designed by the researcher to collect the field data of the study sample of (426) members, using the descriptive analytical approach. The study concludes with several important results: the high approval of the faculty members on the four main axes of the study reflecting the concept of knowledge management. These main axes are: the extent of understanding the concept of knowledge management, its implementation, its requirements availability, and any facing obstacles). Accordingly, the study suggests many recommendations and procedures of implementation focusing on: the importance of awareness about the concept of knowledge management, its significance in achieving the highest efficiency and effectiveness of the overall performance, and supporting the main and subsidiary operations of knowledge management. The findings also highlight supplying the necessary requirement of knowledge management implementation in addition to demands to overcome any facing obstacles at Al-Jouf University.
Key words: Saudi Universities, Higher Education Management, Faculty members.

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