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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

Structure of achievement goals orientation in light of (2x2) and (3x2) models among Qassim University students: using structural modeling / Mohammed. S. Al-watban

The current study aimed to examine the construct validity of various achievement goals models by recognizing the factorial structure of them among college students in Saudi Arabia, as well as to identify the variations between male and female students in their achievement goals factorial structure. In addition to examining the variations of achievement goal factorial structure due to academic specialization. The study sample consisted of (558) students from Qassim University. Two measures were applied to the sample, the first was2x2 achievement goal questionnaire and the second was 3x2 achievement goal questionnaire. The Structural Equation Model was used to analysis data, and the results are as the following; 1 – The best representation model for achievement goals structure was the 2x2 model. Which confirms that each theoretically assumed goals represent real independent structure. 2 – That the corresponding Goodness of fit indices for all theoretically assumed structure of achievement goals in light of the (3x2) model don't achieve acceptable fit indices. 3 – Goodness of fit indices corresponding to the (2x2) model or the (3x2) model do not differ between males and females. 4 – Goodness of fit indices corresponding to the (2x2) model or the (3x2) model do not differ according to students nature of study.
Keywords: Achievement Goals, structural modeling, (3 × 2) Achievement Goal Model.

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