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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

Electronical practices in mathematics teaching at secondary school and a proposal for improvement / Mohammed bin Mofreh Al-Zahrani

This study aimed at investigating the exercises of electronic teaching in mathematics of secondary school, in general, and according to: teaching purpose, type of learning environment, devices and tools, software, applications and electronic services, the developer of electronic content and the type of learning activity. Also, the study aimed at examining how the electronic teaching in its general level differs according to: years of experience in teaching, training on modern technologies, mastery of using computer, school type and the grade being taught. The study also meant to explore barriers to electronic teaching in mathematics, as well as to put forward a proposal for improvement. Descriptive analytical method is followed, with a questionnaire administrated to 138 mathematics teachers in secondary schools. Of the main findings, electronic teaching in general is practiced at a moderate level and is enhanced significantly (α˂0.01) by the mastery of using computer. In general, there are barriers of sizable effect on electronic teaching of mathematics. Accordingly, in light of findings, a proposal was suggested to improve electronic teaching of mathematics in secondary school.
Keywords: Technologies in mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning, barriers of use technology in teaching

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