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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 25, No. 3, 2013

The Degree of Procrastination, Time UseEfficiency and Job Performance and the Relationship among them in Kuwait Public School Principals / Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Mohsen Alqahtani

The current study aims at exploring school principals’ procrastination, time use efficiency and perceived job performance; and the direct impact of procrastination on principals’ perceived performance in addition to the indirect impact through time use efficiency. Using the descriptive approach, a survey adopted or developed for the study purpose and was administered to a randomly selected representative sample of school principals. The findings showed that: (a) there was a relative tendency of procrastination among principals; (b) principals’ time use efficiency was not high; (c) principals’ perceived job performance was not high; and (d) principals’ tendency for procrastination affected their job performance, either directly or indirectly through their time use efficiency, where the total impact was apparent and influential. Those findings were discussed in light of the study purpose, and relevant recommendations were included.
Keywords: school administration, path analysis.

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